Perpetual Possessions
Made with Cinema 4D, Redshift, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Processing (oscP5 library)

Display: 6 channel looping video

*Exhibition documentation below
A 3D modeling and animation project about the lifespan of our belongings. We are rarely given the opportunity to reflect on the innumerable micro-inventions that make our modern life possible. Instead, we do the opposite. After using them, they are forgotten. These abandoned possessions live a life of solitude. While in the closet, the basement, or the dump they slowly fade away, only briefly appearing in our memories. Do you claim responsibility for the items you’ve forgotten?

Let’s deeply consider what we do with what we buy. I believe that a philosophy of personifying one’s belongings might enhance our daily gratitude and make us more conscientious about our consumption.

Exhibited at UCLA Design Media Art’s senior capstone show, “Sincerely,”.

3D modeling, animation, lighting, texturing, sound design

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Los Angeles, CA